Andrew Lloyd | Principal

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Andrew has decades of experience in education, which has shaped his belief that learning is a journey. “Learning occurs when a teacher and a student work in partnership, where there is a mutual understanding, resulting in a growing respect, and allowing learning to become a natural part of life.”

A qualified secondary teacher he believes that every child should have access to a quality education. For the past 30 years Andrew has worked across NSW, SA, and NT education systems in rural, remote and very remote education.

Andrew’s teaching specialties are maths and science. He has worked as the Assistant Principal at Centralian Senior College, Alice Springs and as a curriculum writer marker and moderator for the SACE Board of South Australia, and as a senior manager for the NT Department of Education has experience working with indigenous children, families and communities.

Leivur Ragnarsson | Classroom Teacher
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Leivur studied to become a teacher in Denmark after a trip to India where he taught Afghani refugees basic English and computer skills - and realised how much impact he could have as a teacher.

He has since taught in the Faroe Islands, Tanzania and Thailand. He moved to Australia 7 years ago where he has been specialising in high school Mathematics alongside a range of other subjects, including Science.


“I am excited to be playing my part in making this innovative approach to education a great success. I cant wait to meet the new students every year and welcome them to our new learning environment”.

Danielle Collins | Classroom Teacher
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Danielle is a qualified Primary and Secondary teacher, specialising in History and Geography. She taught in the Primary sector for 7 years, where she developed her deep understanding and knowledge of differentiation strategies to cater for students with a wide range of interests, abilities and needs. 

Danielle is passionate about delivering and teaching content in an engaging, meaningful manner. She focuses on building rapport with students and supporting their unique, individual needs.

Danielle grew up in the local area and continues to live here with her two young children.

“The beautiful thing about learning is no one can take it away from you.” BB King

Alison Aitken | Classroom Teacher
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Alison has over a decade of experience in language education and spent the last 12 years as an English teacher in an independent secondary school.

Alison is passionate about bringing a creative and active learning approach into her English classrooms and is very excited to have the opportunity to foster a love of language at Gateway Community High.

Alison believes in Ken Robinson’s theory that as educators it is our job to help young people discover their “element’’ – the thing they do well, with ease, and that makes time fly by.

Alison loves to spend her spare time dancing, watching films and foraging through second-hand shops. She has a teenage son, a spoilt King Charles Cavalier and 2 black cats.

Ricardo Tovar | Classroom Teacher
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Ricardo is a qualified Science teacher who has taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics at a stage 6 level. He also has years of experience teaching Mathematics Standard 2 and Advanced in years 11 and 12. Throughout his years of experience, he has developed various teaching pedagogies which he applies in the classroom environment at Gateway Community High.

Ricardo brings a wealth of experience, after being given the responsibility as a Year 12 co-ordinator in previous roles where he was tasked with preparing students for life after school.

Ricardo is passionate about helping students understand their own potential and seeing their development throughout their school journey.

“You are not living, if you are not learning.”

Laura Marshall | Classroom Teacher
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Laura is a currently studying her final year of a bachelors degree in Education. She specialises in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, as well as Aboriginal Studies.

Laura’s teaching focuses largely on student-teacher relationships and care in the classroom. She believes it is an essential component for ensuring students enjoy learning and are able to reach their potential. She celebrates the diversity that her learners bring to the classroom and encourages them to work to their strengths and interests.

Laura has a strong passion for sport and fitness which has fostered her love for the outdoors and the beach. As a PDHPE teacher, she encourages her students to recognise the value of movement and how it can benefit their overall wellbeing and life!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Emma Marshall | Learning Support Teacher
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Emma has over 25 years of working in systemic and private independent schools in Sydney both single sex and co-educational as well as at alternative high schools like Gateway Community High.

She is experienced in co-ordinating the wellbeing/welfare of young people, including designing wellbeing programs, camps, enrichment days and coordination of a team of wellbeing staff.

"I have always held the belief that with the right care, kindness and support every student will thrive. Young people just need to know someone is in their corner who believes in them and can uncover their potential."

Nicole Scott-Broudou | Wellbeing Co-ordinator/ Student Learning Support Officer
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Nicole previously enjoyed a career as a Jewellery Buyer, designing jewellery and travelling overseas. As her family grew, she happily found a completely different calling as a School Learning Support Officer.


Nicole is passionate about students' welfare and learning. She hopes to make a difference in each student's life and help them achieve their personal goals. 

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are” – Harold S. Kushner

Belinda Sallustio | Administration Co-ordinator
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Belinda has worked for over 9 years in the NSW Department of Education in administration and also has considerable experience and knowledge in small business management.


Belinda enjoys being part of a successful team who nurture and guide students to be the best they can! She enjoys working with the students, parents and teachers at Gateway Community High.

Belinda lives in the local community and is married with two gorgeous young adults. She thoroughly enjoys hiking and spending time with her family.

Lauren Woods | Consultant Psychologist The Resilience Centre
GCH Staff Portraits Lauren.png

Lauren is a Resilience Coach who works as a Provisional Psychologist at The Resilience Centre and in schools on both an individual & group basis. 


Lauren is an empathetic practitioner who is passionate about working creatively & flexibly with clients and their support systems, to achieve their best hopes.


“My goal is to provide a safe & non-judgemental space to help you make sense of the challenges that come with being human & equip you with the skills & resources to support you on your journey to making positive life changes.”

Pilar Betanzos Alonso | Student Learning Support Officer
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Pilar comes from Bilbao in northern Spain, where she studied teaching and history degrees as well as ballet and aerobics. She knew that teaching was 'her calling' from a young age. In Sydney, Pilar's interest in education led her to complete a Master of Special Education at Macquarie University and she has taught Spanish to children and adults in various locations and settings, including at Macquarie Community College. 

Pilar is an energetic volunteer member of her children's schools, sports clubs, and community events. She loves the outdoors, bushwalking, fitness, and spending time with her family. 'I am very excited to be part of this new high school!' 

Savanagh Abood | Student Learning Support Officer
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Savanagh is currently studying her third year of a bachelor’s degree in Teaching and Arts (Humanities). She specialises in History and Studies of Religion.

Savanagh’s passion for teaching stems from wanting to make a difference in the lives of her students. She loves seeing them have a ‘’light bulb” moment when they finally understand something.

In her spare time Savanagh loves giving back to her community through her service in representative touch football coaching. She also enjoys long walks and eating acai at brunch!