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2023 Term One Wrap-Up

What an exciting year so far at Gateway Community High! During Term 1 our students enjoyed some fabulous activities and excursions. Here are some of our favourites:

Harmony Day – Tuesday, March 21

Harmony Week saw our students come together, share stories and embrace the richness of our diversity. Students are encouraged to demonstrate the core values shared by Gateway Community High and Harmony Day, including Respect & Relationships, Diversity & Inclusion, and Belonging & Empowerment.

This was a very successful event and one that was enjoyed by all. The turnout of family and carers of our students was heart-warming and the contribution of food overwhelming. A relatively informal morning tea, the students helped decorate the school, took part in questions about culture and introduced their friends to their family. Students, staff, family and friends, including Theresa Ardler, an Aboriginal Elder who thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

Curriculum Excursion – Wednesday, April 5

Gateway students attended an excursion to the ANZAC Memorial and the Australian Museum to introduce students to the content that will be learnt in Term Two History and Science and ignite their interests. The first session was held at the ANZAC Memorial, where students participated in the ’20 lives through 20 objects’ workshops. They began by discussing the meaning of ‘memorial’ and the significance of the ANZAC Memorial.

Students reflected on objects in their own lives that hold memories and tell stories. They explored the exhibitions in the Australian Museum and were able to focus on the exhibitions that held the most interest, such as the mineral and dinosaurs exhibition. Overall, it was a fantastic day out in the city with the staff very impressed with the contributions that students made.

Wellbeing Excursion – Thursday, April 6

Initially an off campus Wellbeing Day at Epping Park on the last day of term, the excursion was quickly adapted and moved back to the School campus due to rainy weather.

The day started with a trivia competition, tug -of-war between staff and students, informal check-ins, and final awards for the term. Hungry after all the morning activities, Edmund and Leivur cooked a barbeque lunch.

While some of the staff hid Easter eggs, the students had a final wellbeing session in their circles. They all enjoyed the Easter egg hunt before walking to Cox’s Park for a student vs staff game of Oztag.

The day concluded with a farewell to our staff member, Nicole, where the students got to say goodbye, two students gave a speech and there was a chance for the students to celebrate her.

We're incredibly proud of our students for their active participation and enthusiasm in these events. Check out our video to catch a glimpse of the wonderful memories we created together!

Upcoming Open Days for Parents/Carers/Guardians

If you’re interested in Gateway Community High you can register for our upcoming Open Day sessions. The next Open Days are for students currently in Year 9 looking to enrol at Gateway Community High in 2023! Limited Places – Register Now!

Visit or call 8845 8835 for more info.

Upcoming Information Sessions for High School Principals, School Counsellors, Careers Advisers and other professionals who work with teenagers.

If you know of any teenagers who you believe would benefit from the Gateway Community High experience register for our upcoming Information session. We are taking referrals for a mid-year (July 2023) intake of Year 9 students.

​Information Sessions for the referral network are conducted online (over Zoom).

Enrolment Application Process

We welcome applications from students who feel that an alternative to a mainstream educational setting is a more ideal environment for them to thrive academically, socially and personally, and for students who think this opportunity to make a fresh start is the right move for them.

Visit or call 8845 8835 for more info.



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