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New Head of Campus appointed for Gateway Community High, Carlingford.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Natalie Creighton to the role of Head of Campus of Gateway Community High, Carlingford.

Natalie will take up the role in late January 2023, leading the growing Gateway Community High team, and working closely with Macquarie Community College colleagues.

Natalie describes herself as passionate about building educational environments that focus on the students as individuals whose success comes from recognising and nurturing their strengths and interests.

Natalie has fifteen years’ experience in education as both an English teacher and a wellbeing leader.

Natalie is joining Gateway Community High at an exciting point of development in the early years of operation of the unique school which aims to create a place for students where they can Achieve. Belong. Grow. Create. Lead. Inspire.

The leadership and educational challenge is to create the right learning environment, to inspire the students to set and achieve learning and personal goals.

“Empowering young people to rise above challenges and reduce dependence on others allows them to move to a more sustainable existence where they can excel in work or study beyond school”.

Natalie is looking forward to working with the team of committed staff and the Board of MCC Child and Family Services to make this happen.

A qualified secondary teacher who started out in communication and media Natalie retrained as an English teacher at the University of Western Sydney. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication and a Master of Teaching degree.

After a brief stint teaching in Sydney Natalie moved to regional NSW to pursue her teaching career. She became interested in student wellbeing as year advisor for more than 7 years in a secondary school. She subsequently focused on the educational importance of student wellbeing and autonomy to enable individual achievement.

Most recently Natalie has been Head Teacher of Wellbeing and Supported Learning at a large regional high school of eleven hundred students in Tamworth NSW. This involved managing a diverse team to support students with complex learning, social and emotional needs. A member of their School Executive team Natalie has been involved with numerous initiatives, including employment pathways programs and the establishment of a wellbeing hub.

“Facilitating positive learning experiences and education in a safe and supportive environment is crucial to students making progress and staying engaged with their education.”

She is excited to be able to bring her experience to support students and staff within the dynamic educational environment at Gateway Community High.

In addition to her teaching and wellbeing experience Natalie has creative talents and a passion for live theatre. Able to act, sing and an experienced director of musicals she also has a passion for costume design and creation for the stage.

On behalf of the Board of MCC Child and Family Services

Theresa Collignon

Group Chief Executive Officer, MCC Group

Representative of the proprietor MCC CaFS

To find if Gateway Community High might be the right choice for you or your child visit or Call (02) 8845 8835.



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