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New Principal appointed for Gateway Community High

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Lloyd to the role of Principal of Gateway Community High, Carlingford.

Andrew is looking forward to leading the growing Gateway Community High team, and working closely with Macquarie Community College colleagues.

Andrew describes himself as a relational leader and educator who loves teaching. “My role as a teacher is to unlock a student’s potential to achieve their best. My goal is for every student to become a ‘self-propelled’ learner- where they create their path and share it with others.”

Andrew has decades of experience in education, which has shaped his belief that learning is a journey. “Learning occurs when a teacher and a student work in partnership, where there is a mutual understanding, resulting in a growing respect, and allowing learning to become a natural part of life.”

Andrew sees working in the Principal’s role at Gateway Community High during its first years of operation as an honour, opportunity and challenge. The leadership and educational challenge is to create the right learning environment, to encourage the students to achieve. Empowering young people to rise above challenges and reduce dependence on others allows them to move to a more sustainable existence where they can excel in work or study beyond school.

He is looking forward to working with the team of committed staff and the Board of MCC Child and Family Services to make this happen.

A qualified secondary teacher he believes that every child should have access to a quality education. For the past 30 years Andrew has worked across NSW, SA, and NT education systems in rural, remote and very remote education.

Prior to Gateway, he was a senior manager in the NT Department of Education, leading a program to allow remote Aboriginal students greater access to boarding school education. Over the past six years Andrew has worked closely with peak boarding school bodies, such as Indigenous Education Boarding Australia, Australian Boarding Schools Association. He has also connected with the Association of Independent Schools in NSW. Andrew has presented to AISNSW a couple of times on factors that support children to transition to boarding schools.

Andrew’s teaching specialties are maths and science. He has worked as the Assistant Principal at Centralian Senior College, Alice Springs and as a curriculum writer marker and moderator for the SACE Board of South Australia

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum), UNSW, Diploma of Education, USyd and a Masters of Education (International) CDU. Andrew has published two peer reviewed papers, as well as being a co-contributor for another.

Andrew believes in a community approach to education. That is, it is best for the whole community to support a child through school. He also values, learns from, celebrates and encourage difference. Students may come from a range of backgrounds, starting points and abilities, but given opportunity, confidence, and support can believe in themselves and propel themselves along their educational journey.

We warmly welcome Andrew to the team!

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