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Gateway Community High provides a Gateway to learning in an environment that delivers a positive, personalised and inclusive experience for young people that will set them up for future success.

Gateway Community High opened its doors in 2021 with places for 30 students to complete their NSW Stage 5 studies and attain their ROSA. We have grown each year and now also offer Stage 6 HSC programs so that our students have a continuing pathway to complete their formal schooling where they can Achieve. Belong. Grow.

Our small class sizes and supportive learning environment means that we are ideally suited to motivated students who have not thrived or felt supported in mainstream education.

Gateway Community High offers tailored support and special assistance to help each student achieve to the best of their ability.

We are passionate about seeing young people succeed, whether that be in schooling, socially or personally.

We aim to empower them to create better futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

Theresa Collignon

                Group Chief Executive Officer

                Macquarie Community College

Natalie Creighton

                Head of Campus

                Gateway Community High, Carlingford


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Gateway Community High is an initiative of Macquarie Community College (MCC), an established Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90033) that has provided community-oriented adult education in Sydney for over 70 years.

MCC has helped tens of thousands of students to attain qualifications, skills and community connections by creating and providing affordable Vocational Educational Training (VET) courses in Child Care, Aged Care, Business, Computer Basics, English Language skills and more, as well as hundreds of short courses for engagement in life-long learning.


  • Treat all with consideration and dignity

  • Listen and respect other points of view

  • Make meaningful personal connections and friendships

  • Demonstrate that positivity and kindness matter

  • Value and work on stronger relationships

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