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Gateway Community High is a small community of learners and is ideally suited to students who:


  • Will thrive outside a mainstream educational environment 

  • Are looking for a place of belonging and safety

  • Are interested in learning, and willing to put in effort to succeed

  • Could benefit from extra support and attention to re-engage in their education 

  • May have missed some language, literacy or numeracy fundamentals

  • Are looking to build their pathway to future VET or Stage 6 (Yr 11 & 12) studies


Operating as a Special Assistance school, we differ from special needs and behavioural schools.

Students will need to apply and meet certain eligibility criteria before enrolling.



In line with Gateway Community High’s educational philosophy, we have devised a curriculum that allows students to study in a flexible learning environment.


Covers all Stage 5 standard course requirements to achieve the NSW Record of School Achievement (ROSA).


No homework - all school work is completed during school hours under the guidance and support of teaching staff.


Provides extra time

where required to
ensure the fundamentals are effectively


Experiential learning and extended
learning options to develop individual
strengths and interests.


Options to catch up and complete school work after timetabled class hours and access materials using OneNote on Microsoft teams.


Includes physical activity to enhance skills, health, and well-being.


STAGE 5 (YEARS 9 & 10)

  • English

  • Maths

  • Science

  • HSIE (Human Society & its Environment)

  • PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education)

  • Sport

  • Additional programs and activities to develop knowledge and skills for Life & Work

Students who successfully complete Stage 5 will be awarded the NSW Record of School Achievement (ROSA).

In 2022 Gateway Community High applied to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to extend the program offering to Stage 6 (Yrs 11 and 12). This is currently subject to formal ministerial approval. 


Our team will help our students in any year of enrolment to work towards their further learning and career pathway - whatever that may be. Options include further learning at Gateway Community High, successfully transitioning back to mainstream education; or into other forms of education and training, or enter the workforce.


$100.00* per term

This very modest fee covers
curriculum resources and most extra curricular activities.

We do not want financial barriers
to be an issue that prevents students from
accessing life changing education.

Please speak to our team if you would like
to discuss payment plans or different
financial arrangements.



We don’t have a set uniform but students are expected to dress suitably for a learning environment by wearing clean, neat casual clothes and closed shoes.


Our term dates are generally in line with NSW public school term dates.

There are occasionally school development days, during which no classes will be held. Notice will be given to parents for these days.

School classes start at 8:45am.  Timetabled classes currently end at 1:30pm. There is a 20-minute scheduled break around 11am.

School staff are on site after the scheduled class times.

Some enrichment activities are offered in the afternoons. For example, we have offered a Spanish Enrichment program and a Games Club in 2022. Our goal is to increase the options available to students as we grow.




At Gateway Community High we are committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff and visitors. We maintain all COVID-19 restrictions put in place at any given time by the NSW Government or Commonwealth Government agencies and have a current COVID-19 Safety Plan. As the COVID-19 situation is changing on a regular basis, we continue to monitor the situation closely and review advice regularly to ensure we are responding appropriately to changing levels of restrictions.

This is guided by:

  • Any NSW Public Health Order that applies to Schools

  • Instructions from the Department of Education

  • The National Framework for managing COVID-19 in Schools and Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Our updated COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Advice from AIS NSW