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Updated: January 2023 

Gateway Community High and Macquarie Community College (MCC) are committed to putting our community first. Approaches to the management of protocols around Covid-19 are updated regularly. Arrangements are dynamic – they may change as community transmission and vaccination rates increase and decrease.

We are guided by:


  1. Any NSW Public Health Order that applies to Schools  

  2. Instructions from the Department of Education

  3. Advice from AIS NSW


Help us keep our School and College community COVID-Safe:

  • Vaccination is strongly recommended for all enrolled students.

  • DO NOT ATTEND in person if you are feeling symptomatic and/or have any flu-like symptoms and coughs – stay home from School and seek medical advice.   

  • DO TEST to verify whether or not you have Covid using the Rapid Antigen Tests that have been provided. 

  • DO NOT ATTEND if you have tested positive until you are no longer symptomatic.

  • Masks are optional but recommended indoors. This includes when entering and leaving the site, in all common areas and in classrooms.

  • Hand and Cough Hygiene is important. Sanitisation and cleaning equipment and processes are in place in all areas.

  • Social Distancing principles used where possible. 

  • Fresh air access inside and using outdoor spaces.

  • Immunisation History. We would appreciate the provision of Covid-19 vaccination certificates or medical exemption status of all students. All information about vaccination status, illness or isolation will be treated with confidentiality.

  • DO keep learning. We have developed our remote learning capability during the rapidly changing times of COVID-19 including the use of Microsoft Teams. Please stay in touch with the School about accessing resources from classes missed due to illness.

  • For more information or queries please contact us by email to; phone on 02 8845 8835.

The focus is keeping you safe and keeping our students on track with their learning. 

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