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Press enquiries should be directed to:

Theresa Collignon 

CEO, Gateway Community High


M: 0466 336 962

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By Sydney Morning Herald | March 22, 2023

After Marcus, 14, missed several weeks of class, his old high school told him not to bother coming back. 
Jacinta, 14, just did not want to go anymore.

The teenagers now attend Gateway Community High in Carlingford, an alternative school for students in years 9 and 10. 

After opening two years ago, demand for the north-west Sydney school shows no sign of abating. It has announced plans to expand to years 11 and 12 and will move to a bigger campus next year.

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March, 2021

John Alexander, OAM MP attended the official launch of Gateway Community High and interviewed Theresa Collignon, CEO.

John Alexander asked "So (Gateway is) really ensuring equal opportunity of education?".

Theresa Collignon, responded "Absolutely! It's about everybody gets a chance, a second chance, third, fourth, fifth, as many as needed because everyone has a different starting point....we are trying to catch them up with each other."

Watch the interview.

By Hills District Mums HQ | Nov 4, 2020 

With so many disruptions to education this year, there’s never been a greater need for a community school like this. It will enable students to complete the Year 10 NSW Record of School Achievement (ROSA), and provide a gateway to ongoing education or training, whether that be Year 11 and 12 or vocational training.

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