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Engaging Students During Remote Learning

Our students have adapted well to remote learning in term 3. The teachers are doing a great job keeping the students engaged with interesting activities. The school is open for students that choose to attend, with the majority staying home and joining in online lessons.

Packages were recently sent to each students with the components to create a terrarium (plus some yummy treats!). It was great to see each student's personality shine through their unique creations. Over the weeks, we will watch the microcosm at work across Science, Maths and English lessons.

The students also students conducted a DIY science experiment at home using common items around the house. In this experiment, celery and food dye were used to learn about the photosynthesis procedure within plants. In their study of 'Ecosystems', the students were able to see firsthand how water travelled through their celery stick to dye the tops different colours.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful experiments and creations that the students make over the next few weeks of term 3.

Gateway Community High is a new alternative high school in Carlingford for up to 50 students in Yr 9 & 10. Gateway offers an opportunity for students to thrive by gaining a real sense of confidence and belonging. Our alternative approaches are unique - our students are expected to be the drivers of their own educational destiny. It’s a place of flexible, engaging and practical learning where students can reconnect with their learning.

If you think Gateway Community High would be suitable for your teenager, come along to one of our Open Days. Book now at or call 8845 8835.



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