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Hey! We need to talk...

By Theresa Collignon, Group CEO

Are you here, reading about Gateway Community High, because you’re finding life tough, and school is more than you can handle? We need to talk.

I know for some young people, there are days, weeks, months, when they can’t face walking through their school gates - they’d rather stay in the comfort and safety of their bedroom. There are school terms when they haven’t handed in a single assessment item that they’re proud of because…well, how can anyone think about English and Science or Maths when things are overwhelming?

Does that describe you? Have you almost given up on yourself? Do you think others have given up on you?

You’re not alone. The isolation and uncertainty of COVID has made levels of anxiety and depression among young people higher than usual. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that we miss company when we can’t see our school friends, but when we think about seeing them again, we feel unsure, fearful of not fitting in, concerned about our place?

The fact is that regular school is a difficult place for some young people when life gets complicated. And Years 9 and 10 are turning point years. This is why Gateway Community High focuses on Stage 5 and helping young people like you get their Record of School Achievement (RoSA)—all so that you get back on track for a better future.

It’s why we are deliberately small, with small class sizes and individualised learning plans that focus on individual needs and learning styles, interests, and knowledge/skill gaps.

We cater to young people who want to get back on track in life and school, get help with pointing their wheels in the right direction and building momentum at a very important time, when the decisions they make affect the rest of their lives. Gateway is where young people get extra help and get focus on their wellbeing. It’s a place they can focus on their present and manage their future.

At Gateway we are committed to building personal wellbeing and active health. We are here so that young people like you can thrive, achieve, belong, and grow. I see our students get a real sense of confidence because they feel welcome, supported, and respected. With each ingredient in place, young people like you can get in the zone and start to flow.

What your day looks like at Gateway Community High

Your day at Gateway Community High starts just before 9am. Yes, this might feel a touch earlier than usual! I realise this may be shocking at first!

  1. The 8.30-8:55 Gathering - This is a time you can check in, catch up, grab breakfast (if you haven’t already eaten), and get into a positive mindset. Evidence is that learning is better in the mornings and body clocks adjust. When that happens, we are healthier and happier, and our minds are clearer.

  2. Mornings are for the fundamentals - Maths and English. We have stripped the curriculum back to compulsory subjects and these are the ones we know you need to nail as they set you up for learning success in all subject areas.

  3. The Midday Mix - includes HSIE and Science (the two other compulsory subjects), and some unscheduled (personal) time. During personal time, you might catch up on work, complete or extend your learning in an area of interest, chill out or do some personal development—this depends on your individual needs and starting point, and is something we will discuss with you.

  4. The Afternoon Energy Burst - is all about pursuing useful skills for the present and future, developing your skills and interests, and being physically active with PDHPE and enrichment activities targeting social and emotional skills, health and wellbeing. We may play games, go for hikes, do a fitness class…the goal is to practice teamwork, develop skills, and get fresh air, exercise, and blue sky! Because Gateway is a part of Macquarie Community College and co-located on the Carlingford campus, Gateway has unique access to different activities that may become new hobbies and personal passions.

Do you belong here?

Starting at Gateway will mean a big change - I get it. I really do. You, like every other student, will be nervous starting something new where you don’t know everybody. Changing schools in the middle years of High School is challenging. But you’ll have time to adjust, and you’ll have our attention and support.

You’re a young adult now - and we treat you as such. We don’t sweat the small stuff because we’re focused on the big picture. And just to remind you of this every day, you won’t be wearing strict uniform, you will know the staff by their first name and you won’t be getting homework. We don’t charge huge fees either, even though we are a private school.

This is a unique opportunity for a limited number of students. In 2022, we will have a maximum of 40 students. So, if you’re interested and want to find out more, why don’t you contact us? Take control of your future and bring your parents or carers in for an interview. Be the driver of your destiny. Pursue your own life dream. Be part of a real community of learners that want you to achieve and grow.

Find out more by calling me on 8845 8835, contact us or come along to one of our upcoming Open Days.



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